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June 2005 Comments & Information On
Upcoming Summer Sale Celebration

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As always, to our past and present customers, thank you for your continuing support, and for allowing us to have such an outstanding opportunity to work with you for so long. We owe everything to your support!

We're going to run a Summer Sale from July 15, 2005, to August 14, 2005, on certain sets and selected single items. We're telling everyone in advance, and listing many of those items in advance, so everyone can be ready to take advantage of special deals!

We want to do something as a special "THANK YOU" for our very loyal customers, and to celebrate as we enter our 30th year in business! Here's what we've come up with....

We'll start off with a special $16.99 price on the upcoming audio CD release of Unregenerate! This is Doctor Who #70 in the on-going Big Finish series, scheduled to arrive in our hands by mid-July. A discount of almost $9 will make this price tough to beat, and with free shipping on larger orders to US customers, savings can really be over $10 on this title!

We've also put together special prices on selected sets. Some of these are already listed, and some of these prices are actually lower than the costs we've seen to put together used sets of these titles on eBay! We've also got a few individual items and sets we'll be adding over the next few weeks so it's all ready by July 15. Keep stopping by, and we'll try to make it worth the visits!

We're also still updating the format of our site, and we're adding in new sale prices as we go. For example, we've added a sale price for the 2000 AD (Judge Dredd / Strontium Dog) audio set at $149.99, and sale prices on selected Farscape DVDs, just to name two.

We've also dropped our regular prices on things like the Sapphire & Steel DVD set, the Tomorrow People DVD set, Babylon 5 DVD sets, Andromeda DVDs, and more!

For those of you who want to catch up on Doctor Who audios you've missed, or get a great gift for a friend, you'll also want to take a careful look at prices we'll offer during our sale on those items, most already listed on the site. The latest 10 Big Finish Doctor Who CD titles (#'s 61-70) will be available as a set for $159.99 with FREE Media Mail shipping, or $167.99 with Priority Mail shipping. These prices are intended to beat any other possible offers being made at this time, and they're substantially better than any price we've ever seen offered on new CDs in this series. Where else are you seeing a price of under $16 per title including shipping on new copies of the Big Finish double-audios? We can't think you're seeing it anywhere else!

Finally, tell your friends! Yes, if you think there's someone who would want to know about this sale, go ahead and tell them! For the items we carry, we want to be the place you all come for great prices and great service. And where you'll come again and again.

Again, thanks to everyone past and present who has chosen to do business with us! We look forward to hearing from you all again soon!!

Patty Cryan & Michael Salvo
Mike's Comics

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