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As always, to our past and present customers, thank you for your continuing support, and for allowing us to have such an outstanding opportunity to work with you for so long. We owe everything to your support!

After listening to customer feedback for some time, we've decided to look again at how we display prices on Doctor Who merchandise and similar items on our web site.

Many customers seem to think the retail prices we've listed on many items are actually our prices. Even though we've discounted from these prices since we've been in business, and despite many customers being repeat customers, and even after we make a note at the top of most pages saying we'll usually discount on most prices and on larger orders, there's still some opinion we looked like we were charging retail price.

For a very long time, we felt were still serving our customers best by having them write with want lists to get a price quote. Actually, that's still what we're doing. But, we're also establishing some prices as the highest price we'll charge, and some special sale prices, before needing to send that want list. We hope it helps you make a decision.

This project is going to be a bit of work, and it will represent much more work to maintain properly. With the other needs for limited time resources that every business has, this wasn't an easy decision to make. But, it seems from more recent feedback, it's what customers felt they needed to see.

With this overhaul, we also wanted to make clear we want to continue our tradition of very competitive pricing. This means we did lower our prices on some items. Where we used to start discounts at 10% on some items, we've looked again at what we could do without the need for an immense order to lower the price. Still, if you're inclined to place an immense order, there's a good chance we'll be able to lower prices more...even on some sale prices!

Now, for the overwhelming majority of Sci-Fi items on our site, including CDs, DVDs, and many books, our normal prices are better than the normal prices of every competitor we could find. After that, we've discounted many items even more to run a special sale.

So, gradually, we'll be getting to the remainder of our pages, showing "Our MAX Price", which will be the most we'll charge on certain items. And, we'll still keep free USPS Media Mail shipping as a bonus to US customers for orders over $50.00, as long as the order contains only "media". If you're seeing a better overall deal anywhere else, let us know! We'll try to do everything within reason to keep you coming back here every time, and to make you aware we really do have the best prices on the internet for much of what we carry. Combined with our commitment to great service, we think you'll find us the most frugal alternative for buying what we sell.

Again, thanks to everyone past and present who has chosen to do business with us! We look forward to hearing from you all again soon!!

Patty Cryan & Michael Salvo
Mike's Comics

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