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  • Torchwood Toys List


    Retail Price

    Our Price

    Torchwood Mugs
    (Received 16 March 2009)

  • Cast
  • Gwen & Jack
  • Jack & Gwen
  • Jack With Car
  • $10.95 each

    $9.99 each

    Torchwood Keychains
    (Received 8 December 2008)

    • Torchwood Logo

    • Torchwood Icon

    $8.95 each

    $6.99 each

    5" Action Figures
    (Received 22 January 2009)

    • Jack
    • Weevil
    • Cyberwoman (SOLD OUT - DISCONTINUED)

    $16.95 each

    $12.99 each

    5" Action Figures
    (Received 21 July 2009)

    • Captain John
    • Tosh
    • Blowfish

    $16.95 each

    $12.99 each

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