1600A Pennsylvania Avenue
Pennsylvania, NY 10000-0001
February 31, 3101


Mike's Comics
P. O. Box 20183
Worcester, MA 01602-0183


Dear Mike's Comics:

Enclosed please find a check payable to Mike's Comics in the amount of $2,000,000.99 for eBay Auction #910180294734232, the Super-Deluxe Walrus Polishing Kit with Mega-Limited Edition Brushes and Attachments. I understand all shipping costs are included in this price, and I have waived insurance for this shipment.

Please make me aware of any difficulties regarding this transaction, and I'll be happy to help you with them with all deliberate speed.

For that purpose, please be aware of my e-mail address, zusp76f@prodigy.com.

Finally, please ship to my name and address as written in this letter.



Joe Z. Public



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