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Buy, Sell & Trade Info & Comments


    In addition to selling a variety of items from many different mediums, we have an on-going interest in keeping selected items in stock. So, we will also consider selected items in trade, or will purchase some items outright if you are selling them.

  1. We are mainly interested in Doctor Who books, CDs, cassettes and videos. Unused and unopened items are of highest interest. We have some interest in comic books as well, but please read further comments about that below.

  2. In any transaction, please understand we need to deal with items so that we can offer a competitive price and make a profit. That's just the nature of business. We also understand we have to offer a competitive enough price to acquire what we need. So, our offers reflect directly upon what we feel are fair prices allowing us to make a fair profit.

  3. On books still in print, and on most CDs and videos, we get a very competitive price from wholesale sources on the items we carry, and we get those items from established, licensed sources. While we do purchase these items from customers in many cases, we will not pay more in cash than established prices from other sources.

  4. When we buy or trade, we MUST take a look at items before we complete a transaction. Condition will be a factor in price. A "like new" copy of a book is perfect, and will command the best price. Anything that is damaged, dirty, or has any type of "musty odor" makes the item less desirable, and has a direct impact on the price we can charge. So, that impacts what we will pay.

  5. You are likely to get a far better deal in trade than if you are trying to sell to us directly. We still have costs to consider, but we may have some flexibility when it comes to trades that we don't have with cash.

  6. It is always helpful when trying to trade if you let us know what you want and at the same time you tell us what you have. If we can't meet your price, we'll tell you, and we might suggest an alternative.

  7. Be explicit about condition. If you tell us you have an item, we'll either assume it's "like new" or we'll ask for details anyway. If we get an item that is clearly inferior to your description, we are likely to return it without completing the transaction. Spine creases, dirt, musty odors, water damage, tears, missing pages, brittleness, &c., are all the kinds of things you should tell us, and they are not likely to be part of a "new" item.

  8. The same standard applies here as it does to when we're selling...we want a satisfied REPEAT customer. We will still make the most competitive offer we can, and for items we want we usually pay/trade more competitively than other dealers for the same items.

  9. Yes, we're still interested in comic books. Most kinds, in fact. But it probably says something we've left the comics part of our site underdeveloped when we still have something like 300,000 comics in stock. There are a select few new titles we have a strong interest in. Older issues will always carry our interest. If you send us title, issue number and condition on a group of comics, we'll let you know where our interest is.

  10. Again, you're likely to do MUCH better in a trade with comics than in asking for cash. Especially if we're talking about comics from the same vintage. We've got issues going back to the 1930's, and some items where there are only 6-10 copies in existence. We have an interest in getting more of these items, and may give a premium in trade where we would not give a premium in cash.

  11. We are VERY selective about condition. Especially with comics. If you're unsure what you have, do your best to describe it. Even on a good day, it's hard to be perfect in grading comic books, as it's a very subjective thing. In a transaction, what we're aiming to do is make both sides reasonably happy. That means we will be reviewing the transaction carefully, and we always recommend you do the same as our partner in the transaction.

  12. Again, about grading comics...we find there are even dealers out there that just don't know how to do it. Which isn't much of a surprise since the price guides change their definitions of different grades depending on what they're trying to sell every year. A comic with a missing cover is NOT a "Fine" copy. Sorry. It's no disgrace to mis-grade an item, as I'm sure we've done it ourselves. All we're asking is some care in grading, and if we come up with different grades, we'll explain them...or you can ask us the same questions about our grading as we would ask you.

  13. The condition of comics is more an issue than with other items we deal with...so far. For example, a video either works perfectly or it doesn't. Most aren't collectibles in the same sense as comics are. For books, CDs, &c., there is a drastic and immediate drop in value to us for anything that is not "new". Still, it's not like there is often a $50 price difference between slightly different conditions of "used" books...though the difference in price between a G/VG comic and a VG- comic can be $50 or more.

  14. We tend not to make explicit long lists of comics not listed on our web site. We STRONGLY prefer answering your want/selling lists. When we get a request for a list of "All your superhero comics"...we literally CAN'T make that list, it would take ages! When you tell us you have a Batman 10 VG+ and you're looking for an equitable trade for any group of Green Lantern comics (V2) from #'s 1-40 (higher grades preferred)...that's different, and very helpful in letting us try to find something to make an even trade. Unlimited wants are very hard to satisfy with our limited resources.

  15. Still, we WILL give explicit answers to a short or explicit list of comics. "What do you have in stock on Green Lantern (V3) #'s 2-9?" Possible answer: "#'s 2-9 are all in stock in NM condition and available at 10% below current Overstreet Guide price." If you have a long list of SPECIFIC ISSUES you're looking for, that will also likely get a complete answer because those lists are usually serious inquiries to buy instead of trying to generate a price comparison of some sort with other merchants. Again, asking "What Green Lantern comics do you have?" seems too generic when we may literally have thousands. At that point, we need to ask "What do you REALLY want to find?"

  16. Unless we have a standing want list for specific items, we do not have an interest in pre-owned figurines, dolls, miniatures, toys, or similar items for resale. Unless we know we have a buyer, it is unlikely that kind of pre-owned item will bring an offer from us.

  17. We're actively looking for high grade copies of the following Doctor Who books in almost any quantity:

    Timewyrm: Apocalypse, Timewyrm: Revelation, Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible, Lungbarrow, The Dying Days, So Vile A Sin, The Well-Mannered War, Vampire Science, Beltempest, Business Unusual, The Bodysnatchers, The Hollow Men, Illegal Alien, The Roundheads, Seeing I, The Wages Of Sin, The Witch Hunters, The Ultimate Treasure. We also have some interest in all other non-Pinnacle Doctor Who titles in "like new" condition.

    Prices offered will vary depending on title and condition. Feel free to send your selling or trading list on these!

    We're also looking for "new" & "like new" copies of limited run Doctor Who books such as Perfect Timing and Missing Pieces, and offer to buy or trade for these at very competitive prices.

    Finally, before you spend auction fees to sell or trade, consider we offer a broader selection in trade for Doctor Who merchandise and similar items than auction houses, with a broader interest in your items, and without your having to pay high fees, wait for bids that may never come, and deal with collecting payments. You can also deal with many items with one letter to us to start the process...just tell us what you have and what you need, it costs nothing to ask, and costs less time than the auction houses.


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