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Yahoo! & AT&T Confirm Problems

    Some customers have noted recent problems contacting us by e-mail.

    The problems often stem from spam filters not set properly.

    Please do check your bulk or spam folders for our replies. Many people find our messages are going there. You can set a filter under your mail account to direct mail from our address to your Inbox as well.

    If you are receiving a bounce-back on a message you send to us, please read the support instructions below to remove what may be an erroneous filter block set by our e-mail provider...this needs to be done by you, and is out of our control when this happens.

    If you do not hear from us within a business day, please do call us! Usually, we are able to respond well within a business day to your e-mail message. Anything over a day is unusual...even though there may be a reason...and if it concerns you, please do follow up by phone at (508)756-9836.

    Finally, we understand this situation is unhelpful. We're looking for a permanent solution, but spam is something impacting us all.


    Thanks for visiting the site!

    Michael Salvo & Patty Cryan


    From e-mail support:
    "I have verified that there was a posted network event (Event Number 1032487) stating that some customers may receive a bounce back error when sending e-mails to AT&T domains. This is the most likely reason why e-mail messages sent by your contacts are not delivered to your Inbox. Thus, they bounce back to them.
    As a work around for this issue, I recommend your contacts to send an e-mail to removeme@sbc.sbcglobal.net with a copy of the error message that they receive when they send you an e-mail and so that their domain will be unblocked. Also, please have them include their sending IP. Checking the headers of the e-mail will help you find out the IP information. Headers contain the basic To/From information in an e-mail. To find out more about headers and viewing options, you may want to visit the link below:
    Once they have sent the e-mail, they should receive a confirmation when complete. Please note that removal from blocked list may take up to 24 hours."


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